Who we are
I.C. Acquah, Chief Executive

Accounting Intelligence Consulting is an accounting support firm that is engaged in the development and provision of intelligent user-friendly tools that facilitate accounting service delivery inter alia. We therefore see ourselves as providing the bridge between the accounting professionals and appropriate technological base upon which, accounting services could be delivered in concurrence with modern trends. Additionally, the complexities of our time and the need to stay in business, require a disciplined corporate environment which acknowledges the need to safeguard its assets as it positions itself strategically not only to survive, but more importantly to also impact all levels of society over time.

At Accounting Intelligence, we see ourselves as a team of young, creative and ambitious professionals determined to play a significant role in developing the private sector, as well as public sector accountability agenda by providing premium quasi-accountancy services. Our partnership with all manner of establishments with particular focus on SME’s, NGO’s and Projects based ventures, brings on the table efficiency in the use of resources to minimise cost and maximise returns.

Our mission is to research, study, and evolve modern trends in business operations and its information processing so that we may be relevant in developing strategic partnerships with our clients in furtherance to the execution of their strategic goals.

Eventually, we foresee ourselves as the necessary partner in the development of SME’s in Africa at large.

What we do

Strategy & Advisory

We research and present relevant industry information to equip clients as we assist them to plan strategically


we provide you with tools for analysing all sorts of data into relevant informationMore


Ms Excel Clinic

Date: 07 June,2014
Venue: To be announced
Time: 09:00

Business Financial Management

Date: 23 November,2013
Venue: Cleaver House, next to Tigo head office
Time: 09:00