What we do
Accounting Intelligence has evolved specifically to provide that helping hand to groom budding SME’s in all business sectors so that they may grow with the right culture to build businesses that will live beyond its forbearers. We are here to drive the business duty consciousness of the SME with particular reference to the Financial Services Sector among others.

Premium as they are, our services gives you an opportunity to experience top level support and enjoy the benefits of running your business without looking back

Our principal activity is in the areas of Capacity Building, Business Intelligence and Strategic Planning
Capacity Building
We organise business incubation grooming sessions to develop capacity for SMEs
Business Intelligence
we provide you with tools for analysing all sorts of data into relevant information
Strategic Planning
We research and present relevant industry information to equip clients as we assist them to plan strategically
Who we are
We are a team of young, creative and ambitious professionals determined to play a significant role in developing the private sector, as well as public

Practical excel for office work

Date: 15 May,2013
Venue: To be announced
Time: 09:00

Business Financial Management

Date: 23 November,2013
Venue: Cleaver House, next to Tigo head office
Time: 09:00

Ms Excel Clinic

Date: 07 June,2014
Venue: To be announced
Time: 09:00